Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Weekend: Valentine's Day!

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a fun and loving Valentine's Day this past weekend! I feel like V-Day is secretly one of my favorite holidays even though I hate to admit it. Celebrating holidays is now much more fun with Luca. My best friend Summer and I planned to dress our babes up in cute V-Day outfits and take them on a little date. Well that some what worked out because we got them ready and then decided to just improvise in her front yard...

So here's how our little "photo shoot" went. We sincerely tried our best to get a good picture. 
They're supposed to be on a "picnic date".

Instead they found it entertaining to just eat the rose instead..

Cutest babies on the block!

And then we tried a different scene.

But only Juliana was cooperating lol

This was the aftermath of our little "photoshoot." They K.O. in the car on our way to dinner!

We ended our Valentines Day with dinner of course. I had Thai food for the first time and it was great! If you know me personally, you'll know how adventurous I can be when it comes down to trying new foods. I would have called it a day at Chick-Fil-A LOL. Nonetheless, it was a great weekend spent with Summer and Jules. I love how the best things in life aren't planned, like our babies for example. Three years ago we were worried about going to our high school's football & soccer games. Now, we're planning our babies 1st birthdays. How crazy is that?! A lot of people also ask us if we planned to have kids at the same time and our answer is NO! Lol. But I'm so glad and blessed to be experiencing this adventure with my very best friend. I hope our kids can grow up to have a friendship like ours. (Except they don't really have a choice because we say so lol).


Thursday, February 5, 2015

8 Month Favorites

When I started this blog Luca was barely 4 months old. Now, he just turned 8 months on Jan 31st. (brb *starts crying*) I wanted to make this post to update you guys on his growth. And to also look back when he's older to see what he was into at this time. It's been so much fun watching him grow up and start molding into his little personality. It amazes me how fast babies grow. When I first had him and he was a tiny peanut, I would say to myself, "Man, this parenting thing isn't so hard. I got this." LOL I was so wrong. I mean, I can't complain. I love being a mom, but it's definitely getting tougher as he gets older. When he was tiny I could make him do what I wanted. For example, if I wanted to lay him down on my bed so I could do other things he would stay there but now is a different story. I can't lay him down on my bed for any reason because he will roll everywhere and scooch himself to the edge of the bed. No bueno.

8 Month Favorites

These are some of Luc's favorites at the moment. The glass bottles are great! They are sturdy and they don't contain any chemicals that could potentially get into the baby's formula. The only downside is that they are a little heavy and pricey. The food feeders are the best thing EVER. They're really great for quick feedings as well as for on-the-go. I just steam any solid veggies and pop them in the feeder and Luc chews his little life away (GREAT for teething babies). The next item is the mOmma sippy cup. Perfect for transitioning from bottle to sippy cup. I usually put water in it and give it to Luc after his feeding. And lastly, speaking of food, Luc will eat anything that is green. He is not a big fan of fruits but will eat any veggies. I'm not complaining lol.

Luc is starting to get too attached to his paci which I'm not very happy about. He will not fall asleep without it. I'm hoping this is only a teething thing that he will soon get over. 

He is the best person to wake up to in the morning.

He's pretty good at sitting up by himself now. I just keep an eye on him because sometimes he leans over and falls. We haven't mastered getting back up yet lol

That robe is a little too small on him now.

I love that cardigan on him! I have so much fun dressing Luca up! He's my little doll.

Stay tuned for a Valentine's Day themed post! -XO

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Goodbye 2014!

Hi everyone! I have neglected my blog far too long. My last post was in November and so much has happened since then. The Holidays flew by a little too fast. I got so carried away by Luca's Baptism that I completely shoved the Holidays to the side. His Baptism was two days after Christmas so you can just imagine all of the chaos. Before I get into the good stuff let's take it back to Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving was very relaxing for us because I got a four-day weekend. On Thanksgiving Day we started our day by going to mass and giving thanks, of course. We later came home to start cooking. My uncle and his family came over and we had dinner. I have a big family but only my uncle and his family live in Georgia. Our family functions are always quite small and intimate. After pigging out I sneaked off to do some Black Friday shopping (while my mom watched Luc). I had a huge urge to go Black Friday shopping this year and I had been eyeing a few potential Christmas gifts for myself ;) If you know me personally you'll know I'm a devoted coffee lover so getting a Kuerig was at the top of my wish list. I also may or may have not been convinced into getting an iPad as well lol. As usual, Target came through for me and had awesome deals. Sadly, I arrived 30 minutes too late and the Kuerigs were gone but I did manage to purchase my iPad! Later on, I purchased the Kuerig on Cyber Monday. I had experienced my first legitimate Black Friday shopping, with the huge lines and all. The rest of the weekend Luc and I just hung out at home. I am very appreciative of my time off especially when I get to spend it with my little one.

Doing some shopping.

As I mentioned before, Christmas flew by for me. I worked up until Christmas Eve. Christmas is usually celebrated on Christmas Eve so I was rushing to get home. We were invited to a family friend's house for Christmas Eve dinner. The Gamboas cooked dinner for my family and it was soooo good. They already know they're like family to us so no need to rant on how appreciative we are of them. Afterwards we went to Christmas Eve mass and finally ended the night by going to Luc's Great-grandma’s house. The Correa family is always a good time. They never fail to bring life to the party.

Juliana and Luca's first Christmas pictures!

My baby's a natural in front of the camera.. 

Following Christmas, I still needed to get some last minute things for Luc's Baptism. On top of that I still needed to setup the venue for the next day. (Shout out to my awesome friends who came to help me set up!) My family was also coming in from out of town that night. My aunt offered to take care of the food for the reception; which I was beyond thankful for. I swear my grandma and my aunt need to be on a cooking challenge show. They prepared food for 50+ people on the same day of the reception! And we had left overs for days because what y'all know about that recalentado? (Recalentado= to reheat left overs. But in the Hispanic world it means the party is still going) ;)


Finally, the day had come! My Luca was getting Baptized! On December 27th Luca Emmanuel became the newest member of the Catholic Church. His Godmother was chosen for a very special reason. She was my youth minister throughout high school and was the first to know about Luca. She has been there for me whenever I've needed her and I admire her faith life greatly. Not only because she is a youth minister, but I admire her as a great friend as well. I'm glad that throughout the years we've managed to keep our friendship. 

I'd like to thank everyone who attended the mass and everyone who came to the reception as well. I would have loved to invite more friends but I wanted to keep it small with our family and closest friends. 

Luc with his Godmother and Tias.

The BEST Tias ever!
Having brunch after the mass.

Setting up the food.

This is me trying to be creative..

I placed a picture of Luca on every table for every month since he was born and flower arrangements by Mrs. Gamboa. (Hit her up if you ever need flower arrangements! lol)

Best people ever.

My family stayed to celebrate New Years with us and it was great. Like I mentioned before, I have a huge family and it was great to be together again. One of my moms sisters visited from Oklahoma and another from Texas. My grandparents traveled from Mexico as well! I love spending time with my extended family because it reminds me of the times where we all lived miles from each other and we would have big gatherings.

My grandparents and my uncle and aunts that live in the US.

Luca and his Great-Grandpa. How stinking cute!

As we entered the New Year, as usual, I made resolutions for myself. Although this year is going to be different than previous years now with Luca in my life. I hope I can stick to them and have the self control to persevere.

New Years Resolutions:
- be the best mom I can be
- go back to school (in May)
                    - loose all my baby fat (yes, about time!)
                   - continue to post blogs more frequently
                              - do things for myself to make myself happy     
- learn to cook better lol
             - do fun outdoor activities with Luc

And more that I can't think of right now lol

Quick side note: I saw someone post this quote thing on Instagram one day that I find so cliche and overused but I find myself having the mutual feeling. I also feel like it goes along with my resolutions for this year.

"What is your goal in life?"

"It might sound corny or cliche but I just want to find myself and love myself and to feel complete without needing anyone to make me feel whole. I want to find inner peace to continue in my pursuit of happiness. I want to grow from my past to make a better future. My goal in life is to reach my full potential and be the best version of myself that I can be."


Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Luca on Halloween night!
Hi everyone! I cannot believe we're already in November! Where has the year gone? I feel like it was New Years like a week ago. Now in just a few weeks it'll be Christmas and then New Years and it'll start all over again. I'm so amazed at how fast my Luca is growing! He turned 5 months on Halloween and he's just getting cuter and chubbier by the minute. As you all may know, I don't update as often as I should. So I thought I could combine all of our October activities into one big post. October has been filled with so many fun fall activities. We took a trip to Columbia, SC for a weekend to visit Luc's Godmother. We then attended Luc's first Halloween party! It was a little friends first birthday and it was so much fun! Then on Halloween we kept it low key, stayed in,  watched movies, and baked cinnamon rolls (well I did while Luca slept). Nonetheless, to make up for the lack of Halloween festivities, the next day we went to Tia Kristi's house. We carved pumpkins and had a fun mini "photo-shoot" with the pumpkins as props. This October has been the most exciting for Luc and I. I can't even imagine how Christmas will be! 

I would like to take sometime to thank everyone who reads my blog and for all of the positive feed back I've been getting. I didn't think anyone would read it, but the number of views has really surprised me. I probably make our lives seem pretty exciting but the truth of the matter is that it's really not lol. Week days are dreadful, stressful, and always a rush. My little one definitely gets through the week. Everyday is an adventure with him. Thank you so much for your support on behalf of Luca and I.  -XO

As I mentioned, we took a weekend trip to Columbia, South Carolina mid October. The weather was surprisingly gorgeous and we decided to take a trip to the local farmers market. Luca definitely enjoyed soaking up some vitamin D.

Lunch time!

The girls eating a "snack" before lunch lol

Getting ready for a picture with mom.

Better then Ellen DeGeneres' epic selfie? 
Con las tias.
Luc can bring smiles to anyone.
Ready for Stella Jane's Spooktacular 1st birthday!
We went to Luca's first Halloween party and it was so much fun! Everything down to the food was so creative! Despite Luca falling asleep halfway through the mini golf course, I still had fun. He let me play some arcade games so it was all good.
Talk about creative!
Mummy juice boxes!
"Mummy" pigs in a blanket and coffins as bowls.

All of the mommies and babes!
You know, just being cute as usual.
He has found a great friendship in Sofie the giraffe.
Learning how to sit! So exciting!
Our mini fall photo-shoot! haha
Gotta get the money's worth for these pumpkins!
I will never get over "Lucci's" face in this picture.
Luca reaching for a scolding hot cup of coffee LOL
So much for the cute background lol
Every post should end in a nakie picture ;) (He'll hate me when he's older)